Unapologetically Overcoming

This podcast is about overcoming the stigmas that society has placed on so many of us, myself included. I will be interviewing guests and helping to put a face to so many of the labels society has created. I want to normalize talking about difficult experiences and help people recognize they are not alone on their journey.

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Unapologetically Child Free

Sunday Feb 18, 2024

Sunday Feb 18, 2024

Listen in this week as my guest, Daisy Hillbrands, talks about her decision to remain child free. Daisy is a transformative coach who works with men and women who have the desire to change their careers, balance their family life, gain confidence, and work on anger management skills. 
Daisy's website is: www.hillbrands.coach/
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Sunday Feb 04, 2024

My guest today is Vanessa Cardenas. She is a coach, mentor, and advisor who helps guide people through their journey to healing and growth. Listen in today for an inspiring conversation about how Vanessa overcame betrayal.
Vanessa's books are available on Amazon.
Her website is www.understandingear.com and this is where you can find out more info about her and what kinds of services she offers.
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Unapologetically Intended

Sunday Jan 21, 2024

Sunday Jan 21, 2024

My guest today is Michelle Valiukenas. She is the founder of The Colette Louise Tisdahl Foundation. This organization provides financial assistance to families in crisis due to high-risk and complicated pregnancies, NICU stays, or loss. This episode comes with a trigger warning as we talk about infertility, the loss of a child, and surrogacy. Michelle shares her journey with those things and some of the stigmas related to them, and to being a mother. Listen today for a truly inspiring story and one that gives hope to anyone who may be experiencing a similar journey. 
Michelle's email is: michelle@coettelouise.com
Websiter for her foundation: www.colettelouise.com
Facebook: Colette Louise Tisdahl Foundation
**The audio in this episode is not the best for some reason.**
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Sunday Jan 07, 2024

My guest today is Meloney Hendricks. Meloney is a blogger from the Caribbean, who focuses on the topic of mental health. Meloney shares her story and the stories of others, while adding in a healthy dose of humor. Mental health is a serious topic and not one to be laughed about, but Meloney's blog and her approach to this topic are a game changer! 
Meloney's website is: www.dopamineontherocks.com
Her Instagram is: @dopamineontherocks
This episode challenges you be a little more open-minded on this topic, so I thank you all for listening. 
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Unapologetically Redeemed

Sunday Dec 10, 2023

Sunday Dec 10, 2023

My guest today is Sonny Von Cleveland. He is the founder, director, and CEO at the Von Cleveland Foundation. He is also an author, podcast host, speaker, and re-entry coach and advocate. Listen in today for a truly inspiring story of redemption, hope, courage, and change.
Find Sonny's website at: www.heywhiteboy.com
His book is available on Amazon.
And you can listen to his podcast by searching: The Choice Effect Podcast
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Unapologetically Settled

Sunday Nov 26, 2023

Sunday Nov 26, 2023

My guest today is Tasha-Gaye Olson. She joined me to share her journey as an immigrant from Jamaica, living in Canada. We cover topics related to stigmas about immigration and how she overcame some of those stigmas. We also talked about the importance of something so simple - being kind!
Tasha's podcast can be found at: https://anchor.fm/tasha-gaye-heslop
Her Instagram is: @hesloplove
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Sunday Nov 12, 2023

My guest today is Fletcher Cleaves. He is an inspirational speaker who focuses on the importance of safe driving and overcoming adversity. Listen today for an important message about not giving up, even when faced with challenges and adversity. 
Fletcher can be found on Instagram at: @rollinonfaith and his website is:
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Sunday Oct 29, 2023

My guest today is DJ Wiz Hoffa. He's a DJ, music producer, engineer, song writer, and artist manager. In his spare time, he also enjoys stirring the pot on social media. He joined me in this interview to talk about gender roles. Listen in for an interesting conversation about how he thinks gender roles have changed and why, and what he thinks would happen if women were left in charge to save humanity as we know it.
DJ Wiz Hoffa can be found on the following platforms:
Instagram: @wizhoffa
Facebook: Wizzy Hoffa and DJ Wiz Hoffa
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Unapologetically Dating

Sunday Oct 15, 2023

Sunday Oct 15, 2023

Today's interview is for the ladies. My guest and I talk about dating later in life, limiting beliefs, and patterns in love that impact our relationships. Lilli Bewley has developed a proprietary process that combines coaching, therapeutic modalities, neuroscience, and nervous system regulation to help you call in an epic, magnetic, soul-aligning relationship.
Lilli can be found at:
Take the dating archetype quiz here: www.datingarchetype.com
Lilli is on Instagram: @lillibewley
Code for 2 months free subscription: JESS 
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Unapologetically SexyCool

Sunday Oct 01, 2023

Sunday Oct 01, 2023

My guest today is Jimmy IV. He joined me to spread some love, positivity, and SexyCool vibes. In this interview we talk about the importance of self-love, empowerment, and personal discovery. I hope this episode helps bring you a little positivity in your life!
Jimmy IV can be found on the following platforms:
YouTube: Jimmy IV SexyCool Lounge Podcast
Instagram: @sexycoollounge
Faebook: Jimmy Nesmith IV 
His podcast is available on all platforms so make sure you check it out!
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